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ALOR.blog is just that, a blog. Thoughts, words, experiences, opinions and iPhone shots shared by one person, me.

Writer Brandy Shearer
Writer Brandy Shearer

You might notice, some posts contain professional photography and fine art. That’s not mine. All the inspiring visuals are the work and sole property of my Husband.

Photographer Paolo Ferraris
Photographer Paolo Ferraris

We struck a deal. He lets me include his work. I make him dinner every night.

Sponsorship, Art & Advertising

Occasionally, we are invited, not paid to attend parties, dinners, openings, wine tastings and press events. Those experiences make an appearance here too. Opinions are truthful and my own.

Since I believe in not saying anything if I have nothing good to say, we reserve the right, at all times, to refrain from writing an article or sharing photography.

If you work with equal integrity, we are open to working with you.

Working With Us

No one wants to starve the artist, so please, if you read or see something you like, comment on the post or contact us directly before use.

Fine Art & Photography

All art by Paolo Ferraris Colors is available for sale. For pricing and printing details email Info@PaoloFerrarisColors.com or call 917-444-2999.

We consider likes and social media shares (linking to ALOR.blog or PaoloFerrarisColors) supporting the arts and we thank you.

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We are happy to talk sponsorship and advertising with full disclosures to our readers.

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We are not in the business of affiliate marketing but thank you for your interest in ALOR.

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