Vieste, Puglia’s Pearl of the Gargano, is pure magic. A city perched high above the Adriatic Sea, glowing in resplendent beauty, she is Bella. Everything in more beautiful in Vieste. Rays of the sun, sand on the beach, the salty lick of the sea breeze. A pinkish rainbow hue blushes the rocky shore.

Jutting out into the Adriatic, Vieste lines Northern Puglia’s shore. Home to a medieval city, Orecchiette and any tourists heart after hearing the Legend of Pizzomunno.

A must see when in Italy, Vieste is the perfect balance of natural luxury and affordability.

What to See in Vieste

Where to Eat in Vieste

Where to Stay in Vieste

We are not an official guide to Vieste Italy, although moving there to become one has seriously crossed our minds! We’re just two people who absolutely fell in love with Vieste and wanted to share, what to see in Vieste, the best restaurant in Vieste. Plus our hotel in Vieste Italy was one we truly loved!