Looking for a little La dolce vita?

Virtually explore Italy with locals to decide where to go and what to see during your next trip to Italy. From hidden gems to popular destinations discover authentic Italian charm with those who know and love it best, Italians!

We’re Paolo and Brandy. Together we have been traveling across Italy for over a decade. After becoming dual Italian American citizens we moved to Italy to live out our early retirement dreams. Now we travel to Italy’s most popular destinations and explore hidden gems full time from our home base in the Italian Alps. We made ALOR Italy for anyone hoping to move to Italy, or simply visit Italy for a little la dolce vita.

What’s on ALOR Italy

On ALOR Italy we share helpful information about visiting Italy from Driving in Italy to How to Use a Bidet. Looking to move to Italy? You’ll also find information about dual citizenship, renovating a house in Italy, and what it’s like to live in Italy. Plus, see photo galleries from top travel destinations to hidden gems across Italy in our Pictures of Italy feature.

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