Ape Cars in Pitigliano

Ape Car, An Iconic Italian Story

The Ape car is a ubiquitous work vehicle that’s iconic in Italy. What the word Ape means in Italian, plus the history of the Ape Car in Italy. Ape Car Now that I live in the Italian Alps I hear an Ape zip by my balcony around 5 o’clock every day. Maybe in time, it…

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Italy Pic of the Day Pitigliano Medici Aqueduct

Pitigliano the Best Non-Touristy Town in Tuscany

Rising from a volcanic cliff is the town of Pitigliano the best non-touristy town in Tuscany, Italy. See why it makes the perfect day trip from Florence with photos and video from Pitigliano. Pitigliano Best Non-Touristy Tuscan Town Pitigliano was recently named one of the 19 most beautiful villages in Italy! See the most beautiful…

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