Moving to Italy During COVID-19

Our Crazy Story of Moving to Italy During COVID

Today was supposed to be the day. On March 31, 2020, Paolo and I were supposed to move to Italy. It feels like ages since we clinked glasses over our decision. It wasn’t. It was November 2, 2019. Sitting on our couch in Camas, Washington we were deep into one of our soul-stirring conversations. We’d…

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Wine Photography Tip 7 Clean Glass ALOR Consulting Le Cadeau Vineyard Oregon Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

10 Wine Photography Tips to Gain Twitter Followers

One needs to look no further than Twitter on #WineWednesday to see the impact beautiful wine photography has on wine lovers. It’s ridiculous! Frankly, it’s also ridiculously fun. Bottle shots are the most common. Wine labels are works of art and all the pertinent information is there. Simply put, they work. People will “like” them. Still, not being able…

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How to Pronounce Willamette

How to Pronounce Willamette Valley Correctly

What words should one learn to properly pronounce before moving to Oregon? For this wine lover, the answer was easy, Willamette. While it's true Willamette Valley is far more laid back than say, Napa. Mispronunciations that big, are ripe for a correction.
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Red Lab Boxed Wine ALOR

Five Reasons Boxed Wine is Good!

My Italian father-in-law, Pier Luigi, tells great tales of his father Massimo, mocking him for buying 750 ml bottles. Waste of money! Nonno Massimo would go to his local Piedmontese producer and fill a damigiana. A damigiana is 54 liters. I know! Kinda mind-blowing right. Nonno Massimo would then transfer the wine, two liters at a time into…

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Immigration In Process

Green Card Interview Questions

I was an introvert, facing personal questions, with right and wrong answers. The right answers, keep the love of my life by my side. The wrong answers, well we just didn’t know. This was the single most important thing, I have ever done in my life and I started, by messing up. Back in 2013 my husband and…

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