Scialara Beach as Seen from Vieste

How to Properly Pronounce Puglia

Puglia as in Puglia, Italy is pronounced poo·lee·uh. Tips for native English speakers for proper Puglia Pronunciation and “gli” Italian word tips for native English speakers? Puglia Pronunciation Considering a trip to Puglia, Italy, and want to make sure you know how to properly pronounce Puglia before you go? Learning to pronounce Puglia correctly is…

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Where to eat in Vieste, Italy Osteria al Duomo Cavatelli with Polpo and Chickpea puree

Where to Eat in Vieste, Italy

Looking for the best restaurant in Vieste, Italy? Our list of where to eat in Vieste includes a romantic Osteria and top Michelin picks. Two restaurants sit side by side on romantic Via Alessandro III. The ever-present ocean breeze makes it distractingly easy to get lost. It doesn’t help that similar tables line this stair-stepped medieval…

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Caciocavallo Podolico Cheese for Dinner in Vieste Italy

How to Properly Pronounce Caciocavallo

Want to know how to pronounce Caciocavallo like an Italian? Caciocavallo as in Caciocavallo cheese is pronounced ca‧cio‧ca‧vàl‧lo. Just in case you need a little more help than a phonetic key (like I do!) here is a video of native Italian speakers pronouncing Caciocavallo. Additionally, you’ll find tips to pronounce double letters words correctly in…

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