Travel Nice France 10 Simple Pleasures

35 Relaxing Pictures of Nice France

Three hours from Torino, Italy lies a popular Italian vacation spot nicknamed Nice la Belle meaning ‘Nice the Beautiful.’ See 40 pictures of Nice, France that show why Italians adore visiting this French Rivera fave year round. Approaching Nice, France from the A6 highway it’s clear why Italians flock to the French Riviera. It’s stunning!…

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Frescos of Piazza Erbe Verona, Italy

50 Pictures of Verona, Italy the City of Love

In fair Verona, where we lay our scene for this week’s Pictures of Italy gallery over 2,000 years of romance and drama have graced the banks of the River Adige. A UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to a remarkable number of well-preserved antiquity, medieval, and Renaissance monuments, Verona is among the best examples of how…

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Pictures of Italy Isola di San Giulio from Piazza Motta

30 Pictures of Lake Orta, Italy

30 Pictures that show why Harper’s Bazaar said Lake Orta is an “underrated gem of the Italian lake region ready to be explored.” Pictures of Lake Orta Harper’s Bazaar spilled the beans this year about Lago d’Orta (Lake Orta) calling it “quite simply, a film set.” Yet when I saw the article, I thought huh.…

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Isola San Giulio, Lago d'Orta, Italy

Lake Orta, Italy, Why it Will be Your New Favorite Destination

Nicknamed La Cenerentola (Cinderella) Lago d’Orta (Lake Orta) many Italians secretly consider it the superior little sister to the larger more well-known Lake Como and Lake Maggiore. Italy’s most romantic lake Lago d’Orta has long played muse for artists, poets, and weddings. Here are a few photos and videos that best illustrate the charms of…

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3 Signs Wine is Corked

Check the cork, smell the wine, and if in doubt tasting reveals if wine is corked. Tips on what corked wine smells like, returning it, and what corked wine is.
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Balcony View of Airbnb 1 Euro House contest home

Can You Live in Italy Free for a Year?

No, you cannot just live in Italy free for a year. Not even if you win a contest. Or can you? As part of the 1 Euro House campaign, Airbnb is offering one lucky contest winner a year-long rent-free stay in Italy. The home is in the Province of Agrigento, in Sambuca a small rural…

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Wine Tasting at Sottimano

At Sottimano Barbaresco is King

Sottimano Barbaresco was named one of the Top 25 by Forbes. Notes from our Sottimano Winery tour + Wine Cellar Photography & Winery video. Sottimano Barbaresco Each year Sottimano Wines in Piedmont, Italy releases 85,000 bottles. 20,000 Dolcetto, 12,000 Barbera d’Alba, 20,000 Langhe Nebbiolo, 25,000 Barbaresco and 6,500 of the more elusive Brachetto Matè. While…

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