Pictures of Italy

Pic of the Day photo gallery full of beautiful pictures of Italy. Click a Pic for information about the Italian regions featured & the story behind the photo!

Explore photo galleries full of beautiful pictures of Italy by Italian Photography Paolo Ferraris. See why Italy is consistently voted one of the top travel destinations in the world. ALOR Italy provides a photo-centric way to explore Italy’s top destinations. Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Puglia, Rome, Sardinia, Italian Lakes, Piedmont, and more. All photos are copyrighted by Paolo Ferraris for ALOR Italy. For use, please contact

Pictures of Italy

Our Italy Pic of the Day gallery showcases Pictures of Italy that represent our vacation destinations. Click a caption to get more information about the locations featured and hear stories of what it’s like to travel and live in Italy. Plus, a few stories that have proven to be surprisingly popular over time here on ALOR Italy about the differences between Italian homes and American Homes.

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