Travel Timeline

A list of where we’ve been including tips on traveling cheaper, where to eat, stay and play.

Travel Bucket List In Reserve

Taking the time to create this list, I’ve decided the best way to make a travel bucket list is in retrospect. Two reasons. One: I like being grateful rather than constantly yearning for what’s next. Two: A traditional bucket list costs more. Much of the travel we’ve done, has been taking advantage of family location, unexpected opportunities, and timing.

There are very, very few places in the world that Paolo and I don’t want to see. So for us a travel bucket list just doesn’t make sense. We want to see it all and we’ll get to what we can, one trip at a time.

As a result, it was rather inspiring to look back. I’m humbled by our experiences and proud of what we’ve accomplished living life just a little differently. I’ll share more about our new projects as we get closer to finishing them. Till then, the list!

2020 Travel Record by Month

2019 Travel Record by Month

  • February: Yachats, OR
  • March: The Villages, FL (visit family)
  • March – April: Southern India
  • June: Yachats, OR
  • July: Torino, Lago Maggiore, Barolo & Asti, Italy
  • August: Cannon Beach, OR
  • September: San Francisco (Brandy Italian Citizenship Ceremony!) Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park & Half Moon Bay, California.
  • October: Seaside, OR
  • November: Olympia, WA to celebrate Brandy’s Birthday
  • December: Brandy to Ohio to see Dad, then on to Florida for Christmas. Paolo to Torino, Italy, France and Germany with his parents.

2018 Travel Record by Month

  • January: Getaway Painted Hills & Bend, OR
  • February: NYC layover day and off to Torino, Italy for a family visit
  • March: Cannon Beach work trip followed by San Francisco work trip
  • May: Torino, Le Langhe and a two week road trip around Sardinia, Italy
  • August: Coastal road trip including Florence & Yachats, Oregon down to Crescent City, CA.
  • September: Seaside, OR
  • October: Brandy in Michigan to help Amber kick cancer’s butt
  • November: Dominican Republic
  • November: NYC for Brandy’s Birthday
  • December: Two weeks in Umbria & Tuscany. Christmas in Torino, Italy

2017 Travel Record by Month

  • January: Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Chianti, Tuscan countryside & Pisa, Italy
  • February: Third American Cross Country road trip. Columbus, OH to Portland, OR. Stops in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona.
  • February 10th: Sign that lease day! We settle down in Camas, WA for a while with hopes to once again be nomads soon.
  • April: Ulm, Bamberg, Dresden & Munich, Germany. Prague, Czech Republic. Bratislava, Slovakia. Vienna & Salzburg, Austria.
  • May: Iceland
  • June: Long Beach, WA
  • July: Brandy in Ohio helping Dad kick cancer’s butt
  • July: Tillamook, Cannon Beach, Crater Lake, Bend, OR
  • August: San Francisco
  • September: Los Cabos, Mexico
  • November: Columbus, OH (Paolo’s citizenship interview!)
  • November: Cannon Beach, OR (Brandy’s Birthday trip)
  • December 19th: Paolo becomes an American Citizen! Christmas in Ohio
  • December 28th: Road trip Columbus, OH to Nashville and on to New Orleans

2016 Year of the Nomad

  • January – April: Columbus, OH
  • May: A month on the road trip through southern Italy! Rome to Vieste, Puglia down to Otranto up through Basilicata region to see Matera, up to Pompei, out to the Amalfi coast with a final few days in Maratea. Back to Torino to visit Paolo’s family.
  • May 28th: Switzerland to visit friends up through
  • June: A month on the road through Spain & Portugal with stops in Haro, San Sebastián, Oviedo, Santiago de Compostela. Down into Porto and Lisbon, Portugal. Back into Spain to Seville and Malaga where we catch up with Val & Ayaz. On to Granada and Alhambra. Stops in Valencia and Barcelona.
  • July: Torino & Bardonecchia, Italy.
  • August: Columbus, OH (Brandy applies for Italian Citizenship and we buy our first car together Nanty!)
  • September: First American cross country road trip with stops in Iowa to see family. Stops in Badlands National Park, South Dakota. Gran Tetons, Wyoming and on to Yellowstone National Park. On to Craters of the Moon, ID with a final destination of Portland, OR where we stayed until…
  • Mid November: Second cross country road trip Portland, OR to Columbus, OH for Thanksgiving.
  • December: Torino, Italy for Christmas and Bardonnechia, Italy for New Years.

2015 Travel Record by Month

  • January: Cambodia
  • February: San Diego & Santa Barbara, CA (Visit Eric!)
  • May: Cape May, NJ
  • July: A month in California San Francisco, Petaluma, Napa, Big Sur, Monterey, Santa Ynez, Paso Robles, Los Angeles
  • September: Two weeks in Colorado
  • October: Catskills
  • November: Seattle, WA
  • December: Columbus, OH (Christmas in America for Paolo’s Parents)
  • December: Southwest Trip (Santa Fe, NM. Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, Sedona, Canyon De Chelly & Monument Valley AZ,  Arches National Park, UT.) This is the trip where Paolo and I decided to become nomads!

2014 Travel Record by Month

  • January: Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, Death Valley & Sequoia National Forest California.
  • January: Paolo gets his Green card!
  • February: Northern Italy, Briançon France & a week in Venice, Italy!
  • April: Tampa, FL
  • May 15th: Move to Jersey City
  • June: Two weeks in Europe Paris, France. Ghent, Bruges & Brussels, Belgium. Delft & Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • August: Cartagena, Colombia
  • September: Gaylord, MI to visit Amber
  • September: Portland, Oregon for the first time!
  • November: Miami, FL to visit Val & Ayaz
  • November: Columbus, OH (Thanksgiving!)
  • December: Northern, Italy (Torino, Le Langhe, Bardonecchia)
  • December: Burma (Christmas abroad with Paolo’s Parents)

2013 Travel Record by Month

2012 Travel Record by Month

  • April: Columbus, OH (Paolo meets Brandy’s family)
  • June 15: We move in together in the Upper West Side
  • July: Two weeks: San Juan, Puerto Rico & British Virgin Islands
  • August: Vermont Cheese Trail
  • October: Nantucket, MA
  • November: Columbus, OH (Thanksgiving)
  • November: Mystic, CT
  • December: Torino, Italy


  • June 10th: Brandy & Paolo meet
  • Fire Island, New York
  • Catskills, New York
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