Filmmakers Caterina Tarducci and Riccardo Sartori behind the scenes on the set of Tied Into Me in Venice, Italy

‘Tied Into Me’ Film Reveals Risks of Moving to Italy

A quick update! After interviewing the filmmakers of ‘Tied Into Me’ they asked me to be a part of their first virtual event to promote the film. Pretty excited to chat about life in Italy. This is a free virtual event on February 19th 12pm (CET)! You’ll get to see a long format trailer for the film, ask the filmmakers questions, and I’ll talk a bit about my personal experience living in Italy as an American. You can find out more and sign up for the free virtual event on the official Tied Into Me website here.

Moving to Italy Documentary

‘Tied Into Me’ is a documentary that explores the ubiquitous question “Is Venice Sinking?” through the intimate lens of real-life adventure. Daryl Smith is an Irish expat racing to save his sunken houseboat after the 2019 floods in Venice, Italy. Can he save his dreams and his beloved boat Gina? While Hollywood romanticizes moving to Italy as idyllic, Tied Into Me shares the realities many expats face as lo straniero (the foreigner) when moving to Italy. Expats are outsiders. This makes facing the challenges life (and in Daryl’s case nature) throws at you all that much more complicated and isolating. Moving to Italy has its rewards. Yet like most of life’s great rewards, chasing la dolce vita does come with risks.

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  1. curiousmagpie says:

    Looking forward to the event!

    1. I’m excited to be a part of this first one with the filmmakers! Fingers crossed all goes well.

    1. I’m so impressed with the young filmmakers taking the risk and their own money to make the docu!