Best Pizza in Turin, Italy Sestogusto

Best Pizza in Turin Italy, 11 Award-Winning Pizzerias We Crave

Will front runners for the best pizza in Turin, Italy like Sestogusto, Libery Pizza & Artigianal Beer, Patrick Ricci, or TELLIA® make the list of best pizzas in the world? Today’s the day we find out.

September 13th is the annual award ceremony for the 50 Top Pizza World 2023 winners! You can watch it streaming live on the 50 Top Pizza social sites.

Pizza lovers like Paolo and I will be watching to see if any of our local favorites make the list. In anticipation and celebration, we’ve pulled together a list of the best pizza places Paolo and I love in Turin, Italy.

Best Pizza in Turin Italy

As we always say our opinions are a little like pizza dough. Meant to be tossed around a little. We welcome your thoughts, experiences, and questions in the comment section below.

How We Find Good Pizza in Italy

Unpopular opinion here, but not all pizza in Italy is good pizza. So, we take finding the best pizza in Turin, Italy, seriously. We start with recommendations from our pizza-loving friends and cross-check that with two things. 

The first is a set of widely recognized pizza authorities in Italy: 

Gambero Rosso’s Italian Pizzeria Guide. We love Gambero Rosso because it features different types of pizza in Italy. Be it a pizzeria with classic thick and fluffy Neapolitan-style crusts, a light and crisp Roman-style pizzeria, or our regional favorite in Turin, Pizza Padellino pizzeria. Gamerbo Rosso considers them all. They rate pizzerias from one to three Spicchi or slices in English. The more Spicchi, the better! 

50 Top Pizza World Guide. We love this guide because the 50 Top Pizzas are the tip of the iceberg that wins awards. The complete list includes 100 pizzerias around the world. As you can guess, many are in Italy. For us, that means we get destination inspiration for our Italy trips!

Secondly, there’s our guts. Paolo and I have tried some highly-rated pizzerias in Turin, Italy. There were even some with multiple locations in the city. 

Others had tons of stickers on the door. In Italy, that’s supposed to be a sign of good food. Yet still. On occasion, we left thinking, “Huh, really?”

So, at the end of the day, if our stomachs are unhappy, we’re not happy. In other words, finding good pizza comes down to recommendations for quality local sources and eating a lot of pizza. 

Hence, our list of the best pizzas in Turin, Italy, is gut-checked regularly. 

Map of the Best Pizza in Turin, Italy

11 Award-Winning Pizzerias in Turin, Italy

Neapolitan pizza might be the king of pizza in Italy, but some of the best pizzerias in Turin are tempting pizza lovers to try something new. From gourmet ingredients to heirloom grains, these are the pizzerias grabbing the award show spotlight in Turin, Italy.

Pizza at Sestogusto, one of the best pizzerias in Turin awarded with the Tre Spicchi from Gambero Rosso
Pizza at Sestogusto, one of the best pizzerias in Turin awarded with the Tre Spicchi from Gambero Rosso


Massimiliano Prete is turning out light doughs that digest easy in numerous styles. So, there is a little something for every pizza lover at Sestogusto. If you want a classic pizza, you can find it. Crunchy crust is your thing. Look no further. Love sharing pizza? Try la Pala. We couldn’t get enough of ours (pictured below). The scent of fresh thyme wafted over our table as this beauty arrived. The showstopper is the Pizza Evolutiva, made with flour containing over 70 varieties of ancient Sicilian grains.


We must hand it to Bricks Torino Pizza and Tapas Gourmet pizzas for elevating the humble Pizza Padellino. Pizzaolo Liviu Ceoflec might have been born in Bucharest but he clearly displays a passion for Italian pizza. His preference for high-quality ingredients, organic flour, and a wood-burning oven earned him recognition in the form of Two Slices from Gambero Rosso. 

Best pizza turin italy bricks
Bricks Padellino Pizza in Turin, Italy


In February, my Mom was in town to help me through cancer treatments and surgery. Thankfully, most days, I had the energy to live my life normally. However, one afternoon, I started feeling tired and said, “Mom, let’s just grab a slice of pizza for lunch.”

We walked into TELLIA® Lab for a quick slice and walked out with the revelation. Pizza al Taglio can be simultaneously simple and gourmet pizza. At least in the hands of Craftsman Enrico Murdocco, it can. At TELLIA®, Enrico shares his dedication to perfecting dough topped with haute cuisine.

His pizza perfectionism has earned him a spot on Gambero Rosso and 50 Top Pizza in Italy guides.

In other words, Enrico delivers a deceptively simple Pizza al Taglio Romana that’s a must-try not just in Turin but all of Italy.

Best Pizza in Turin, Italy

Libery Pizza & Artigianal Beer

For their 10th anniversary, the Gambero Rosso’s Italian Pizzeria Guide included a special list of the 20 best pizzerias consistently turning out quality pizza over the decade. No small feat. Libery Pizza & Artigianal Beer was the only pizzeria in Turin on the list. 

Since then, it has become a three-slice, award-winning destination pizzeria in Italy. Plus, Libery is one of the top 100 best pizzerias in Italy. Could it reach the 50 Top Pizzas? We’ll see!

Tip on Italian Language Videos. YouTube has closed captions in multiple languages. Hit play, then click the CC button to turn on the closed captions. Next, click the settings button (gear-looking wheel) and click where it says Italian Auto-Generated. Then when the next window comes up, click Auto-translate and select your preferred language. Fair warning. You’re about to be very hungry!

Best Pizza in Turin, Italy

Patrick Ricci. Earth, Grains, Explorations

Patrick Ricci prides himself in being a bit of a pizza rebel. He says, 

“I turned my back on the most common stereotypes related to pizza, creating a unique and extreme menu.” Consequently, he’s brought home the Gambero Rosso’s Italian Pizzeria Guide, Tre Spicchi (Three Slices) award, and 50 Top Pizza recognition. He’s even bucked tradition by ditching cutlery in his restaurant. That’s right. Northern Italians who traditionally eat pizza with a knife and fork must pick up their slices!

Watch the video below featuring Patrick Ricci talking about his pizza philosophy, and you’ll see why!

Best Pizza in Turin, Italy

La Cozza Brothers

The first time I walked into La Cozza Brothers with Paolo, I was taken aback and started laughing. This place is an unexpected blast. New York meets Naples Yacht Club in this kitschy-cool converted industrial space. Look no further than the video featuring the character and owner, Piero Chiambretti. below to see where the energy behind La Cozza Brothers originates.

Best Pizza in Turin, Italy

Do not be fooled by the glamarazzi fun. La Cozza Brothers takes pizza seriously. Their pizza boasting rights include being the first place in the world to obtain Pizza Napoletana STG certification from the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana and Two Slices from Gambero Rosso.

Eataly at Torino, Lingotto

Despite recent shake-ups at the Executive level, we still stand firm in our position that Eataly Torino Lingotto makes excellent pizza. In addition to shopping for gourmet foods, you can try a slice of crispy Pizza Romana on the go or stay a while and try their Gambero Rosso Two Slice award-winning Neapolitan pizza. Plus, keep an eye out for Padellino Pizza, as it makes an occasional appearance on the menu.


In July 2014 Dazero opened in Vallo della Lucania in the province of Salerno. The concept was to make pizza healthy by focusing on local ingredients from Cilento, the heart of the Mediterranean Diet. The winning formula caught the eye of Gambero Rosso and helped Dazero spread across Italy with locations in Turin, Milan, Bologna, and Florence.

50 Teglia

This year, 50 Teglie joined Gambero Rosso’s bringing their take on Italian street food, including pizza and focaccia, to the next level. Along with award-winning pizza, 50 Teglie serves quality craft beers with a rotation of over two hundred labels a year.


Fans of Sourdough pizza rejoiced when Berberè opened in Turin. They quickly turned heads after winning the Three Slices award from Gambero Rosso and a spot on the 50 Top Pizza list for Artisan Pizza Chains. Their unique offerings include sauces like honey and ‘nduja, perfect for dipping pizza crusts. Berberè is one of a handful of pizzerias in Turin serving Montanarine, also made with live sourdough yeast. 

Pizzeria Pummaro

Slow Food Alliance Chefs and Gambero Rosso have recognized the refined pizza and quality ingredients of Pizzeria Pummaro. An unpretentious local favorite this pizzeria is loved for its terrace and a long list of Neapolitan pizzas.

Neopolitan Pizza We Love in Turin, Italy

As you can tell, Turin, Italy, has an abundance of high-quality pizzerias. At the end of the day, pizza is subjective. So, if you want to decide what the best Neopolitan Pizza in Turin is for yourself, we think these pizzerias deserve your consideration!


Not only is Diecicento the pizzeria where I had my first pizza in Italy, but it remains a favorite 12 years later. Now, on Via Carlo Alberto, a short walk from Piazza San Carlo in a new location, I’m still hooked on their light and digestible Neapolitan-style pizza.

What’s funny is that Diecicento has an impressive full menu. It just took us eleven years to try it! No matter how convinced we were when we made our reservation that we had to “try the other dishes on the menu,” the minute we would get there, we’d cave and order our favorite pizzas. 

I’m happy to say this year, we finally tried their tapas dishes. Now Diecicento is also one of my favorite happy hour treats in Turin.


Walking down Via Bogino in Turin, I passed the doorway of WÉMÁ and stopped short, closed my eyes, and inhaled the mouthwatering scent of pizza. One about-face and twenty minutes later, Paolo and I were seated in front of solid Neapolitan-style pizzas and artisanal IPAs that could hold court in Portland, Oregon.

The name WÉMÁ is a nod to the sounds made by emphatic Italians in Naples. It’s a quick introduction to a pizzeria that doesn’t take itself too seriously. WÉMÁ offers a pop glimpse at childhood with an informal dining experience that belies how seriously they take their pizza and beer.

WÈMÀ crave worthy Neapolitan pizza in Turin, Italy
WÈMÀ crave-worthy Neapolitan pizza in Turin, Italy

Pizza Padellino in Turin, Italy We Love

If you haven’t had it in Italy, you’re in for a surprise. Pizza Padellino is a style of pizza that originated in Turin, Italy, that resembles American pan pizza. Only Pizza Padellino is much lighter and easier to digest than its American cousin in Chicago. Here are two places we love stopping for Pizza Padellino in Turin, Italy.

Padellino Factory

If the first time you try Pizza al Padellino, you end up questing for more, you know it’s good. That’s the case for us with Padellino Factory. The first place we tried Padellino Pizza in Turin, Italy.

This once humble pizzeria recently stepped up its game. The new location on Via Giovanni Giolitti in Turin, Italy, is far swankier than their last. Yet the pizza remains uncomplicated but delicious, featuring that light focaccia-like dough with a crisp outer layer Padellino Pizza is known for.

Fans of the create-your-own approach will love their mix-and-match topping options. Try the ‘Nduja with fresh Buffalo Mozzarella (seen below) and thank me later!

Pizza Padellino with Buffalo Cheese & 'Nduja
Pizza Padellino with Buffalo Cheese & ‘Nduja

Pizza al Taglio in Turin, Italy

In Italian Pizza al Taglio means “to cut” or by the slice in English. This is the most common type of pizza Italians eat with their hands in Italy. As an American, I expected pizza sold in slices, to be an underwhelming experience, even in Italy. TELLIA and Magno proved me wrong!

Magno Pizza Gourmet

Our first experience with Magno Pizza Gourmet was a meat and cheese tagliere so incredible (pictured below) that we made reservations to come back and try the pizza before we finished it.

Much to our delight, we were equally impressed with the quality of the ingredients in their pizza. The best part is, when you’re on the go, Magno offers a gourmet Pizza al Taglio experience streetside from the front window of the restaurant.

Final Thoughts on the Best Pizza in Turin, Italy

From widely recognized favorites like Sestogusto, Bricks, Libery Pizza & Artigianal Beer, and Patrick Ricci to local favorites like Diecicento and Padellino Factory, Turin has arguably some of the best pizza in Italy.

We can’t wait to see if one of our favorites makes the 50 Top Pizza World list today. Personally, I’m rooting for TELLIA® to be one of the 2023 winners. Erinco’s approach is refreshing, innovative, refined, and yet accessible. Fingers crossed for you TELLIA®!

If one doesn’t, that’s okay, because we will travel for pizza. After all, what better travel inspiration could there be in Italy than the best pizza in the world?

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