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Moving to Italy | 6 Months, 2 Lockdowns & 20 Pounds

Growing up my Mom called me “Lucky Jo” after her Father Joe Overland who was always lucky. If there’s money to be found, timing to be exact, I luck out. Today my Mother was right again, I’m lucky. A Mother always knows.

What Life is Like 6 Months After Moving to Italy

As of this morning two things happened. One, I finished a month long, intensive physical therapy program in Torino. An hour and a half drive from Bardonecchia where we recently decided to live after moving to Italy.

Two, the Italian government agreed on a new COVID decree including the restricting movement outside our comune (town/city). Here’s the lowdown on the new COVID restrictions going into place in Italy until December 3rd.

Local lockdowns reserved for red zones where people will be prohibited from entering or leaving, unless for reasons of work, health or taking children to school.

The government is expected to outline the various red, orange and green areas in the coming hours, however the Italian media is reporting that the red zones will likely be in Lombardia (Milan), Piemonte (Turin) and Calabria in the south.

In red zones, bars, pubs, restaurants and most shops will be ordered to close. Food shops, pharmacies and hairdressers will be allowed to remain open.

Wanted in Rome

My friends, we are in Piemonte. Which means once again, I lucked out in timing. If I hadn’t been shocked into loosing weight and starting the path to physical therapy almost immediately after arriving in Italy, in all likelihood I would have had to wait until 2021 to start physical therapy in Torino due to the second lockdown.

After my last session today in Torino we drove straight to Bardonecchia getting home just before lockdown. Totally Lucky timing!

Italian vs American Healthcare

I’ve openly shared putting off healthcare in America for years due to costs. This was a major part of the reason why Paolo and I decided to move to Italy when we did.

In America, medical tests (including X-rays and MRIs) plus physical therapy three times a week would have cost me $4,500 out-of-pocket.

In Italy, top of the line private healthcare for the exact same PT program 500€ in total. If we would have waited for public healthcare the cost would have only been 250€. I was in so much pain Paolo didn’t want me to wait. Hindsight, with the second lockdown it’s a good thing I didn’t wait!

Seeking a silver lining in the mess that is 2020, I’ve officially lost 20 pounds since moving to Italy.

Between my weight loss and physical therapy, I’ve managed to intervene with the progressive spinal issues I’ve been battling for years. I no longer feel the nerve damage warning shots in my feet and hands. I don’t feel tired all the time, and for the first time in nearly five years I can sleep. All night long!

Just in time to celebrate my 45th birthday next week. We might be stuck in Bardonecchia under lockdown, but you can bet I’m putting on a little black dress anyway this year!

These days, if I feel like taking a four hour hike up 7,000 feet in the Italian Alps, I can damn well do it. If you want to see the hikes we’re taking, check out my October Instagram video. Fast forward to the end (no judgement) to see how much my jeans are bagging by the end of October when I lost the last five of my twenty pounds!

Expat Stories of Moving to Italy

In other news, as our social isolation continues, my expat interviews do as well. Join me Thursday on ALOR for an interview with Evelyn who explains why she hates being called an expat.

Italian Home Renovation Update

Lastly, I’m happy to say our Renovating Bardonecchia project is still moving along! Join me here on ALOR Friday to get a look at our floor plans and find out how COVID lockdowns are impacting timing. Fingers crossed my lucky timing prevails again with our Italian home reno project!

In case you missed it, here are a few before photos showing the 70s glam pad we’ll be holed up in until December. Plus, a list of 23 quirky differences between Italian and American homes!

Get the Skinny on our Northern Italian Home Renovation on ALOR

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    1. Thank you Sheree! That 20 wasn’t easy but I feel SO GOOD. How are things going for you with lockdowns?