Italy vs America Wall Tile Style

As young kids, my Sister and I used to draft our dream homes on grid paper… for fun. I’d be willing to bet somewhere, in the back of a closet, in a box, in a folder, my Sister actually still has hers. As a nomad prior to this Italian Home Renovation, I wasn’t one for keeping much paper around. Over all these years though, I’ve held tight to the memories of making furniture cut outs to scale with my big Sis.

This week, those memories are part of what’s making our latest round of bathroom renderings an extremely enjoyable part of adulting. This girls dream house is finally, finally coming together.

Italian Bathroom Tiles

Although floor to ceiling tiles on all four walls in the kitchen and bathroom is tradition in Italy, I just couldn’t wrap my brain around the need, or the added expense. By now our Architect knows to expect some odd curveballs dealing with her first American client. Luckily, she’s always got an idea up her sleeve. Usually one that represents the perfect compromise to represent tradition, location and ultimately us, the people who will live in the house.

As a compromise to four full walls of tiles in the bathroom, we are going with tiles inside the shower directly under and beside the rain shower head. The remaining walls will get paint mixed with a resin. Still waterproof, not as heavy visually, and frankly cheaper as we’re not ordering as much tiles. Take a look!

So in the end, Paolo got his matte gray bidet and a shower. I got my giant sink and a bathtub. Together we’re both happy with our 50/50 tile decision. Pretty even compromises all around.

Everything was moving along smoothly until… we got the price quote for the bathtub! Holy hot bath in hell. Let’s just say, NOW I understand why fewer Italian homes have bathtubs than American homes! Join me next week when (fingers crossed) I can share our compromise to bathtub sticker shock in Italy.

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    1. I think we have a solution, getting final pricing now. That first tub was insane!!!