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30 Pictures of Lake Orta the Must-See Hidden Gem of Northern Italy

30 Pictures that show why Harper's Bazaar said Lake Orta is an "underrated gem of the Italian lake region ready to be explored."

Harper’s Bazaar spilled the beans this year about Lago d’Orta (Lake Orta) calling it “quite simply, a film set.” Yet when I saw the article, I thought huh. The pictures they used did not do one of my absolute favorite romantic vacation destinations in Italy justice. So in honor of doing this hidden gem justice, I’ve gathered my favorite 30 photos of Paolo’s from our visits to Lake Orta.

Pictures of Italy | Lake Orta

Darn it Harper’s! Lake Orta has for years been the hidden gem, the Cinderella of Northern Italian Lakes. Honestly, I now say go quick before tourism has a chance to pick back up this summer. After all, spring is one of the most beautiful times of year to tour Northern Italy. Curious where to find that delicious cheese and charcuterie plate pictured above when you visit? Here is the original ALOR Italy post with recommendations of what to do, see, and where to eat in Lake Orta. Plus, I’ve updated the post to include curated videos and a few more of Paolo’s captivating photos for the love of Lake Orta.


Forget Como: Why Lake Orta should be top of your Italian travel list – Harper’s Bazaar


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