Sito Archeologico Tharros, Sardinia, Italy

30 Pictures of Sardinia, Italy for Vacation Inspiration

30 Pictures of Sardinia Italy that will have you dreaming of a relaxing beach vacation.

Imagine spending the day in the kind of clear turquoise water you’ve been waiting your whole life to see. Then at night indulge in some of the best seafood Italy has to offer. That’s Sardinia.

The best part? Sardinia is home to a lot more than the world’s most beautiful beaches and delectable seafood.

Like a trail of prehistoric stone breadcrumbs, thousands of Nuraghe (ancient megalithic edifices) dot Sardinia’s landscape. Luxury motorcycle tours weave through endless panoramic views in the rugged mountains at the heart of Sardinia. Agriturismi, vineyards, wild olive trees, and fresh seafood provide authentic, affordable experiences for travel foodies. Around it all, achingly beautiful Mediterranean blue.

Pictures Sardinia Italy Photo Gallery

Here are 30 photos that best depict the balance of relaxation and exploration Sardinia offers. Plus a few family photos from our top five attractions in Sardinia.

Sardinia has over 100 beaches! Here is our pick for the Six Most Beautiful Beaches in Sardinia many of which sit along the Gulf of Orosei.

Pictures of Sardinia, Italy Attractions

Curious where the pictures of Sardinia, Italy are from? Check out the details below.

Gulf of Orosei (Golfo di Orosei)

Parco Nazionale del Golfo di Orosei is Sardinia’s largest national park and it serves as the backdrop to the real-life fantasy vacation hotspot seen here.

While the tourists flock to Sardinian beaches in summer, there is so much to explore in the countryside, including some of the oldest olive trees in the world.

Oldest Olive Trees in the World

Olivastri Millenari is a grove of wild olive trees a bit off the beaten path in northern Sardinia. Here olive trees nearly 4,000 years old still bear fruit. Perhaps the fountain of youth is being wild.

Sito Archeologico Tharros

On the Capo S. Marco peninsula in the middle of the west coast of Sardinia lies Tharros. An ancient city turned archeological site complete with ruins, Nuraghi, and the most open sweeping views in all of Sardinia. There’s a meandering path at Sito Archeologico Tharros that stretches across the southern end of the Sinis Peninsula. The entire walk is surrounded by the turquoise rainbow of the Mediterranean Sea.

Nuraghi the Mystery of Sardinia

See the tiny tower, high up on the hill in the photo below? That’s a Nuraghi.

Italy Pic of the Day Nuraghi Sardinia
Sito Archeologico Tharros in Sardinia, Italy

Thousand of these structures claim the best views throughout Sardinia. Built as far back as 1500 BC their exact purpose remains a bit of a mystery. Defense, religion, gathering or simply stockpiling no one knows. No excavations have been conclusive and so they remain elusive and somewhat magical.

Paolo, being Italian, didn’t struggle like I did to recall their names. Renuga… no. Nanuga… no “Nuraghi” Paolo would correct me over and over again as I would excitedly point out another one.

“Look Bello, another Nayugar.”

La Pelosa Beach in Stintino

La Pelosa in the small but resplendent village of Stintino.

I often say there are trips and there are vacations. A vacation is for beach lovers looking to do as little as possible in one stunning location. The goal is singular. Complete relaxation. While a trip is more for adventurers looking for an experience. The goal is expansive. Explore as much culture, food, history, and nature as possible.

The combination of everything Sardinia has to offer is what makes it one of the best places in Italy to strike a balance between a trip and a vacation.

Join us tomorrow as we share our list of the best beaches in Sardinia.

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  1. 100 beaches is impressive! Plus, I love what you said about the archaeology, history and olive trees! Btw, did you comment on my post about my Dad moving to Canada? I wasn’t sure if it was you because your name came up as Someone

    1. I did! I guess I’m “Someone” after all! 😂 very strange but super happy for you. Looking forward to hearing more.

  2. Thanks for sharing these photos, Brandy! The landscape is simply beautiful 🙂

    1. I’m very happy you enjoyed Len. Sardinia is most certainly on my list of places to return to as soon as we can. How about you?

    1. Thank you! I get to say stunning as Paolo takes the photos. So that’s not bragging right? While we were there we saw four “Instagram” couple hamming it up. Oh my was that something to watch. Drones flying, donut raft inflating, rock climbing snap snap snap. I only felt bad for them as I think they actually missed SEEING the beauty of the place.

    1. Thank you Sheree! I’m fortunate to be able to share Paolo’s work here. Have you been to Sardinia. You’re not far!

      1. Yes, we went in May 2017 for the start of the Giro d’Italia and toured the island.