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Video Interview | Moving to Italy During Lockdown!

Obtaining Italian Citizenship, saving for and planning a move to Italy in 2020. How COVID lockdowns lead to an unexpected home renovation in the Italian Alps.

After spending my career behind-the-scenes telling other people’s stories, being on camera does not come easy for me. Neither does talking about myself. My nerves get the better of me. I flush red, speak fast, and generally hope each question is the last. I’d much rather be the one asking than answering questions! Thankfully, I hide my nerves relatively well, or so I’ve been told. So when Lisa Morales Editor-in-Chief of Live in Italy Magazine reached out to ask if I would sit down for a zoom video interview, I had just enough courage to give it a go.

Moving to Italy in 2020

In my video interview with Lisa, I talk about leaving my New York City career to mastering the Art of Living On the Road (which is what ALOR stands for) to eventually settling down in the Italian Alps. We also talked about the lifestyle choices that allowed Paolo and me to take giant leaps towards early retirement. Plus, how the COVID pandemic kicked our move to Italy into high gear in 2020. I’m grateful to Lisa for making the interview fun and hope you enjoy.

Want to see more stories of moving to Italy? Check out the Live in Italy YouTube Channel or follow @liveinItalyMag on Instagram for updates on more interviews!

Living in Italy

With ALOR Italy I’ve stepped into the light to tell my own story. One driven by a thirst for adventure that has taken me all the way from Iowa to Italy. Over the last few years, I’ve been sharing what Paolo and I have been up to on ALOR, but now with interviews and articles like the one above, I’ve started sharing how we’re able to live the life we do. More on that to come! For now, if you’re curious what it’s like to move to Italy or live in Italy as an Expat, I’d love to have you along for the ride on ALOR Italy. Subscribe now to get updates via email!

Italian Home Renovation

In the meantime, we’re right in the middle of an Italian Home Renovation that I’m also sharing on ALOR. Here are the most recent updates!

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Latest Italian Home Renovation Updates on Instagram

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