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Italy invites tourists to indulge in la dolce vita. Undoubtedly that includes leisurely meals of the world’s most popular cuisine. To be sure paired with local wines admired by oenophiles worldwide. Naturally while surrounded by ancient architecture, world-renowned art, and poetic natural beauty. Hence Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world. For first-time tourists, deciding where to go in Italy is the only hard part. That’s where knowing locals like us comes in handy.

We’re Paolo and Brandy. Together we have been traveling across Italy for over a decade. After becoming dual Italian American citizens we moved to Italy to live out our early retirement dreams. Now we travel to Italy’s most popular destinations and explore hidden gems full-time from our home base in the Italian Alps. We share our experience traveling Italy in the off-season to help you avoid the crowds and save on travel.

Italy Destinations Map

Explore Italy from the Northern Lakes to Sicily. Where would you like to go?

Popular Destinations in Italy

ALOR Italy is where we share personal travel stories, Italy travel recommendations, and important tips about Italian culture for travelers. Explore the map of Italian travel destinations or hop down to the featured destinations section to find inspiration for your own Italian adventure. Planning your first trip to Italy? Here are a few of our most popular resource articles with tips on navigating some of Italy’s unique cultural quirks.

Sardinia, Italy

Pictures of Italy Gulf of Orosei Waters
A day on the water of Gulf of Orosei

Craving a relaxing beach vacation and fresh Italian seafood? Then Sardinia needs to be on your travel bucket list. Why? Because Sardinia is an Italian Mediterranean island with 1,242 mesmerizing coastal miles, and over 100 beautiful beaches. Best Beaches in Sardinia

Verona, Italy

Verona Arena from Piazza Bra
Verona Arena from Piazza Bra

Best known as the setting for Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” Verona is one of the most popular least crowded destinations in Italy. Verona is highly enjoyable to explore on foot because it is a romantic city of curved streets winding gracefully around piazzas, bridges, and 21 churches What to See in Verona

Portofino, Italy

Portofino Yacht Marina
Portofino Yacht Marina

There are places in Italy one simply cannot not see. Take Portofino for example. This port town has long drawn royalty, celebrities, artists, and wealthy vacationers because of the pristine waters of its snug harbor just big enough for Yachts to slip into. Discover Portofino

Venice, Italy

Pictures of Italy Venice Laguna Aperitif
Laguna Aperitif by Paolo Ferraris

Nicknamed the Floating City because of a series of islands separated by canals linked by bridges, Venice is the ultimate romantic getaway. Steps from the main squares tourist crowds thin and Venice becomes a maze of art, food, and wine to find yourself in. Discover Venice

Italian Lakes

Swimming in Lago Maggiore, Italy
Lago Maggiore, Italy

From the famous Borromean Islands of Lake Maggiore to the romantic hidden gem of Lake Orta, Italy’s Northern lake district delivers a relaxing vacation vibe in fresh Italian Alps air. Consequently it’s the perfect destination for both family vacations or romantic getaways. Discover Italy’s Lakes

Cinque Terre, Italy

Pictures Cinque Terre Vernazza Beach
Vernazza Beach Cinque Terre

Liguria, Italy is home to countless summertime vacation hotspots including Sanremo, Genova, Portofino, La Spezia, and five technicolor fishing villages collectively known as Cinque Terre. Hence it’s popularity as a technicolor paradise for shutterbugs. Discover Cinque Terre

Rome, Italy

Nicknamed the Eternal City, Rome is one of Italy’s most popular and expensive destinations. As a result our travel tips for Rome focus on where to stay, eat, and what to see in Rome, on a budget. Free things to do in Rome.

Puglia, Italy

Scialara Beach as Seen from Vieste
Scialara Beach as Seen from Vieste

Puglia pronounced poo·lee·uh has become a celebrity favorite. Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, and Francis Ford Coppola for example have all snapping up holiday homes in the region. Explore our Puglia Guide for the 13 best sites and bites in Puglia.

Italian Alps

Italian Alps
Snow on Ski Trails in Bardonecchia, Italy

See pictures of the Italian Alps that will make nature lovers want to move to Italy. In fact we ourselves moved to the Alps! As a result we have personal Alps Life photos that show what living in the Italian Alps in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall is like.

Off the Beaten Track Destinations in Italy

Spoleto, Italy

Explore Italy, Umbria, Spoleto Cathedral
Spoleto Cathedral, Umbria

Unspoiled by tourism Spoleto is known to Italians as a city of culture and the arts. It’s not just the Umbrian cuisine, local white wine, or even the UNESCO world heritage site nestled secretly away in Spoleto. It’s more of a feeling. The one that says, you just found a hidden gem. Discover Spoleto

Pitigliano, Italy

Italy Pic of the Day Pitigliano
Italy Pic of the Day Pitigliano

Carved into a cliff of volcanic tuff rock, Pitigliano dates back to 1636. Recently named one of the 19 most beautiful villages in Italy, Pitigliano remains a non-touristy hidden gem in Tuscany. Take a step back in time and discover Pitigliano and the neighboring town of Sorano, Italy.

Pienza, Italy

Pienza Italy Photos Piazza Pio II
Piazza Pio II in Pienza, Italy

Home to Zeffirelli’s classic film ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Pienza is one of Tuscany’s most romantic hilltop towns. An unforgettable city thanks to its near-perfect urban planning, graceful buildings, and charming streets Pienza became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. Discover Pienza

Unique Travel Experiences in Italy

Italian Agriturismo

Italian Meal Courses Formaggi Rosso di Langa
Rosso di Langa Cheese

If you’re looking to experience the best, most authentic Italian cuisine on your next trip to Italy, there is no better place than an Agriturismo. Discover Agritourism in Italy.

Assisi, Italy

Assisi Italy Photos Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi
Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi

Dating back to 1000BC UNESCO World Heritage Assisi is best known as the birthplace of St. Francis. Over 5 million tourists make the pilgrimage each year. Discover Assisi, Italy

Tuscan Villa in Italy

Italy Pic of the Day Tuscan Hills
Italy Pic of the Day Tuscan Hills

Think waking up to Tuscan views like these is out of reach? Think again! Off-season travel makes staying in a Tuscan villa more affordable than one might think. Where to Stay in Tuscany

Popular Italy Travel Questions

Here are a few popular questions and our answers when it comes to travel destinations in Italy.

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  • What is the prettiest place in Italy? Italy invites tourists to indulge in la dolce vita with leisurely meals of the world’s most popular cuisine paired with local wines admired by oenophiles worldwide. All while surrounded by ancient architecture, world-renowned art, and poetic natural beauty. It’s no wonder Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world. For first-time tourists, deciding where to go in Italy is the only hard part. That’s where knowing locals like us comes in handy. When it comes to the prettiest places in Italy, we recommend checking out our list of the 13 Prettiest Towns in the Italian Countryside. We also strongly recommend considering Sicily and Liguria and for those looking to enjoy the coast. While we love Rome, for us Venice and Florence take top spots for the prettiest cities in Italy.
  • What is the coolest place in Italy? For outdoor lovers, one of the coolest places in Italy is the Italian Alps. If by coolest you mean Kardashian weddings and Travel Influencers, look toward the Italian Riviera. Think Portofino and Cinque Terre. Rome and Florence are popular destinations for college students, frequently visiting friends studying in Italy. The coolest coasts in Italy can be found in Sardinia, the Amalfi coast and Puglia where lowkey celebrities frequently purchase homes.

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